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Why do I need Safety Check?
Fleet owners, drivers and owner / operators can literally save 100's of man hours. No more will you be climbing under the vehicle to check the brakes, and the whole process takes only minutes!
What good is Safety Check to me?
No costly delays at weigh stations due to incorrect brake adjustment, it takes only minutes to inspect your brakes yourself.
How easy is Safety Check to install?
With a few simple tools, each air brake takes only minutes to install our gauge.
Will Safety Check fit my truck or trailer?
Just 5 part numbers fit 90% of tractors and trailers on the road today. Please refer to our Application Guide on our Product Information page for further details.
How much does Safety Check cost?
Our pricing is VERY reasonable. Please contact your nearest truck parts distributor for pricing.
What is Safety Check's warranty?
Where can I get Safety Check?
We are available through ALL Truck and Trailer manufacturers as well as a growing number of heavy duty parts distributors across North America.

What is Safety Check?
What it is and why you need it!
Our Time Study
See how much time is wasted brake checking the old way...
Installation Instructions
Click here to see how easy it is to install our Air Brake Gauge...
Download our Brochure
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